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This is the last step and maybe the most important one.
Don't settle for anything less than the dream sound!

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A crucial part of the songwriting process is the mixing stage. Here is where you can either get the listener more excited or lose him as a fan. When it comes to mixing, I never use pre-set templates since I believe every song deserves an unique method. When it comes to mixing, I always take the time that is necessary, whether that means doing a ton of editing and automation before I ever begin mixing or going back and forth between various test mixes until the customer is happy with the final output. I usually seek mixes that sound modern, bold, and open because I prefer that approach.

The last stage before a song is finished is mastering. Many people believe that mastering is simply the process of correcting technical issues, but in my opinion, mastering is the finishing touch that may completely alter the mood of the song. When it comes to mastering, I frequently consider adding enthusiasm and color to the song. Yes, the technical aspect is crucial, but you also need to tweak the sound to make the song more exciting. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me as I can master both a whole exported tracks or a stems.

Mix&Master Page Front

Mixing is a crucial step in the whole process of song creation.  This is where you can increase the excitement of the listener or lose him as a fan. I never use fixed templates when it comes to mixing because I think each songs deserves it’s own approach. I always put the necessary time when it comes to mixing, weather that means tons of editing and automation before I even start mixing or getting back and forward different test mixes before the client is satisfied with the finished product. I usually go for modern, bold and open sounding mixes, just cause I like that approach. 

Mastering  is the last step before the song is finished.
Many people think that mastering is just the fixing the technical side of things buts for me mastering is the final touch but you can totally change the whole vibe of the song just by those few last steps.  I always tend to think of putting a color and excitement to the song when it comes to mastering. Yes, the technical side is important but, you need to enhance the liveliness of the song with the mastering. I work both with full exported track or stem mastering, it depends on what your aim is so feel free to contact me!